5 Necessary Steps for Adult Students to Gain Employment Upon Graduation

July 25, 2023

As an adult student, graduating from college is a significant accomplishment. However, finding a job or career opportunity after graduation can seem like an uphill battle! It can be challenging to navigate the job market and find a position that aligns with your skills and interests. Here are five necessary steps for adult students to gain employment upon graduation.

Start Networking

Networking is a crucial component of finding a job or career opportunity. As an adult student, you have the advantage of a network of professionals and peers that you have established throughout your college career. You can also connect with alumni from your college or university, attend industry events, and join professional organizations. The more connections you make, the higher your chances of finding a job.

Polish Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are your first impression to potential employers. They need to be polished, professional, and highlight your skills and experiences. It’s essential to tailor your resume and cover letter to each job you apply for and use keywords relevant to the industry. Utilize a career services professional like Ryan Career Consulting or online resume builders to provide the professional edge to help your information find the hands of the decision makers.

Professional Organizations and Associations

Joining a professional organization or association related to your field of study can provide valuable networking opportunities and access to industry-specific job boards. These organizations often host events, conferences, and job fairs that can connect you with potential employers. You can also benefit from mentorship and career development resources offered by these organizations.

Volunteering and Freelancing

Volunteering and freelancing can provide you with valuable work experience and help you develop skills relevant to your desired field. Volunteering for a non-profit organization or a community event can help you build connections and demonstrate your commitment to the community. Freelancing projects, such as writing or graphic design, can showcase your skills and add to your portfolio. These experiences can also lead to potential job opportunities or help you make professional connections.

Develop a Professional Online Presence, Especially on LinkedIn

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to have a professional online presence. LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking and showcasing your skills and experiences to potential employers. It’s a platform designed specifically for professionals, and many recruiters and employers use it to find candidates for job openings. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date with your education, work experience, and relevant skills. Use keywords related to your desired job or career field to make your profile stand out in search results. You can also ask professors, former colleagues, or supervisors to write recommendations or endorsements for you on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, finding a job or career opportunity after graduation can be a challenging process, but by following these necessary steps, adult students can increase their chances of success. Networking early, polishing your resume and cover letter, considering professional organizations, volunteering or freelancing, and developing a professional online presence are all critical components of gaining employment upon graduation. Remember to stay positive, persistent, and open to opportunities, and you’ll be on your way to finding the job of your dreams. Bethel loves to see its graduates find employment that utilizes their strengths and allows them to make a difference in their community!


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