Thank you for your interest in transferring to Bethel University!

We consider a transfer student to be anyone who has completed college coursework after high school graduation. Here, you’ll find information to help you understand how you can apply previous academic experience toward your degree.

We also offer credit based on Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Professional and personal learning experiences are eligible as long as there is a balance of theory and practice that can be documented.

Transfer Policies

Bethel is proud to be a transfer-friendly school. The following policies apply:

Undergraduate Credit Transfer

Semester hour credit will be transferred based on the following criteria: Any grade of “C-” or better will transfer. Some programs require that only a grade of “C” or higher may be used for courses in the major.

Any grade of “D” will transfer from a regionally accredited (ABHE included) institution if the cumulative grade-point average from that institution is a 2.0 or greater. A grade of “D” or higher may be used to meet general education requirements. The registrar will determine which courses meet general education requirements.

Any course meeting the above guidelines, but not specific general education or major requirements, will have credit transferred as elective hours. Students transferring credit from a quarter system of study will receive 3/4 credit.

Transferring Credit Applied Toward Graduation Requirements
At least 18 hours in the major field and the last 30 hours must be earned at Bethel University in order to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Transferring English Credit
Students who have passed an ENGL 101 or its equivalent at a regionally accredited institution will receive credit for Written Communication II (ENGL 101) at Bethel. Students wishing to transfer a composition course for Written Communication III must have passed a course that included a major research paper.

Graduate Credit Transfer

Transfer policies differ based on academic program. To learn more about your program’s specific requirements, please contact your enrollment advisor.


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