Unveiling the Key to College Admission: The Crucial Role of Transcripts

June 16, 2023
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Applying for college can be an overwhelming experience with numerous requirements and paperwork to manage. Amidst all the chaos, one vital aspect that often gets overlooked is the submission of transcripts. Transcripts serve as a comprehensive record of your academic journey, showcasing your achievements and potential. In this article, we will delve into the significance of providing transcripts, shed light on the differences between official and unofficial versions, and explore convenient online options like Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse for requesting transcripts.

The Power of Transcripts

Transcripts are like a treasure trove of your educational accomplishments, encapsulating the courses you’ve undertaken, the grades you’ve earned, and your overall academic performance. Colleges and universities place immense value on these records, as they provide valuable insights into your academic preparedness and potential for success. Transcripts offer an objective measure of your abilities, enabling admission committees to make well-informed decisions based on your academic achievements.

Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts

Our office continues to find students struggling to understand the differences between an official transcript and an unofficial transcript. After reading this, make sure to remember these crucial distinctions between official and unofficial transcripts when it comes to the college application process. Official transcripts are typically sent directly from your high school or educational institution to the colleges or universities you’re applying to. These transcripts are considered more reliable as they are sent in sealed envelopes, often bearing the official stamp or seal of your school. They ensure the accuracy and authenticity of your academic records. Most schools, including Bethel, require a copy of official transcripts.

On the other hand, unofficial transcripts are copies of your academic records that you may obtain through online portals or by requesting them from your school. While unofficial transcripts can be useful for personal reference or preliminary evaluation, they are not considered valid for official purposes. It is important to note that colleges require official transcripts to ensure the credibility and consistency of your academic records.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Online Requesting

Gone are the days of tedious manual transcript requests involving paper forms and long processing times. Thanks to advancements in technology, requesting transcripts has become more convenient than ever. Online platforms such as Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse offer streamlined processes for requesting transcripts, saving you time and effort.

Parchment is a popular online platform that connects students, high schools, and colleges, simplifying the exchange of official academic records. Through Parchment’s user-friendly portal, you can easily request transcripts, track their progress, and even send them directly to your desired colleges or universities. Rest assured that Parchment prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your transcripts throughout the entire transmission process.

Similarly, the National Student Clearinghouse is another trusted platform that provides online transcript requesting services. Their website allows you to request official transcripts from participating high schools or institutions, creating a centralized system that streamlines the transcript delivery process. This digital approach reduces administrative burdens for both students and schools, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

If your school does not offer an online request form or portal, the best step would be to search the educational website or call their registrar office to learn about their specific transcript request process.

International Students

Students who have completed a degree outside of the United States benefit greatly from using a transcript evaluation service. In fact, most institutions including Bethel, require students from outside of the United States to use a transcript evaluation service. These services assess the authenticity and equivalence of international credentials to their U.S. counterparts. Which transcription evaluation service does Bethel recommend? Check out our post to find out! Simplifying Transcript Evaluation for International Students.


Transcripts serve as a powerful tool in your college application journey, providing a comprehensive overview of your academic accomplishments. By submitting official transcripts, you demonstrate your commitment to transparency and enable colleges to make informed decisions about your academic readiness. Remember the distinction between official and unofficial transcripts, with official versions being the preferred choice for college applications. Embracing online requesting platforms like Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse simplifies the process, allowing for timely submission of your academic records. Prioritize the submission of accurate, official transcripts, and pave the way for a successful college admission process.


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