Highest Paid Jobs in the World [Infographic]

October 29, 2018
Highest paid jobs in the world

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Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Many factors contribute to how much you love your job, and salary is probably the most obvious one. After all, it’s why we work. Some of us work for more money, some of us for less – which raises the question: who gets paid the most? We decided to examine that question, along with what duties those high-paying positions entail and who they’re typically held by.

  1. Judges and Hearing Officers (1)

Judges and hearing officers work in courthouses and apply the law by overseeing legal proceedings.

Median Pay in 2017: $115,520


Preside over trials and hearings

Write opinions on cases

Research legal issues


Bachelor’s degree

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Judges earn the most in:

Hawaii ($190,950)

California ($190,560)

Connecticut ($169,110)

Rhode Island ($166,580)

Florida ($162,690)

  1. Architectural and Engineering Managers (1)

Architectural and engineering managers oversee the construction of buildings or the development of products, and usually work in offices, worksites or production facilities.

Median Pay in 2017: $137,720


Design buildings and products

Determine staff and equipment needs

Supervise development


Bachelor’s degree, usually in engineering

Master’s degree, usually in architecture

Architectural and engineering managers work in:

Manufacturing (36%)

Architecture (24%)

Government (9%)

Management (6%)

Scientific research (5%)

  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers (1)

Computer and information systems managers typically work in offices where they coordinate all computer-related activity.

Median Pay in 2017: $139,220


Analyze technological needs of organizations

Direct installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software

Oversee staffing of information technology personnel


Bachelor’s degree, usually in computer science

Master’s degree, usually in business administration

By industry, computer and information systems managers earn:

Information: $153,120

Computer systems: $146,450

Finance: $146,350

Manufacturing: $141,380

Management:  $140,970

  1. Top Executives (1)

Top executives manage every aspect of an organization from finances to staff to operations and more.

Median Pay in 2017: $104,700


Establish organizational goals

Consult with other executives about general operations

Apply cost-cutting, performance-improving measures


Bachelor’s degree, usually in business administration

Master’s degree, usually in business administration

Executives earn the most in:

Houston, TX ($271,760)

Durham, NC ($268,790)

Brunswick, GA ($266,300)

Wilmington, DE ($264,720)

Fort Worth, TX ($260,980) 

  1. Physicians and Surgeons (1)

Mostly employed by hospitals, physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses.

Median Pay in 2017: Greater than $208,000


Assess the health of patients

Recommend plans for treatment

Answers questions regarding well-being


Bachelor’s degree, usually in biology

Doctor of Medicine

The number of jobs for physicians and surgeons is expected to grow at twice the rate (13%) of all other occupations (7%) through 2026!


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